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We are known for perfection, shrewd competitiveness and our ability to read the times and change accordingly. We aim to provide the best possible service, in the difficult context in which the safaris in Africa operate. So many of our clients say that our driver/guides are among the "best in the world" and they are forever asking them to come and stay with them in their homes in Europe. For a proper safari, however short or long, where quality, reliability, and service are essential then come to us. Hope that helps explain why you should use us! Hope to see you in Uganda, Congo, Burundi or Rwanda when you come.


The Client Testimonials and Traveller Reviews


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ChimpanzeeFrom the Directors

Doing safaris in Africa is a different context from the way it is done in Europe. The operating costs in Uganda are about twice that in Nairobi and in Rwanda about two and half times the price in Nairobi. In addition to tax, VAT and overheads are punitive. The huge infrastructure we have in place in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi is what makes it possible to run safaris of such quality and inevitably that does not come cheap sometimes. At the same time our knowledge and experience of the region is what enables us to do safaris of the best possible quality, even in the most difficult of circumstances. The roads and other infrastructure, and generally the systems here do not always make it easy to do work, but we have always gone above the situation.